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The Hurricanes committee is made up of volunteers, if you are interested in getting involved please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our President. Many hands make light work!




Kev has been involved with basketball for many years, coaching his own children and now involved with running the club that his grandchildren play at. You will often see Kev out and about at games, you can also reach him at

Vice President and Boys U12 & U14 Level Coordinator - Amy Lemmar
Secretary - Cath Dawson
Treasurer - Bec Beasley
Registration Officer- Jane McLeish
Uniform Shop - Megan Frye & Jess Davis
Lead Level Coordinator and Boys U18 Level Coordinator - Michelle Scrivener
Boys U8 Level Coordinator - Bec Beasley
Boys U10 Level Coordinator - Richard Cuthbert Sayers
Boys U16 Level Coordinator VACANT
Girls U8 & U10 Level Coordinator - Marly Lucas
Girls U12 Level Coordinator - Ash Carroll
Girls U14 Level Coordinator - Dave Halton
Girls U16 Level Coordinator - Gabby Morrison
Girls U18 Level Coordinator - Jess Davis
Social Media - Kristin Walker

Committee: Staff
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