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In 1997 local Hurstbridge residents and basketball fanatics Peter Trask and Jeff Lyon saw the potential for a basketball team/club to be formed from the endless amount of talent in the Hurstbridge area. In November 1997 Peter and Jeff sought interest from local players, and as a consequence entered two teams, an U12 Girls and an U10 Boys into the Diamond Valley Basketball Association (DVBA) competition. The teams played their first game in February 1998 as the Hurstbridge Rustlers. This was the beginning of the Hurstbridge Basketball Club.

The first uniform was designed by a local supplier and consisted of white singlets with yellow and burgundy panels, and burgundy shorts with white and burgundy panels.

During the first season the name of the basketball club was often discussed at the Committee Meetings. It was consequently changed to the Hurstbridge Hurricanes Basketball Club. After 18 months a logo took shape and was incorporated onto all official paperwork.

In 2006, the Committee decided to upgrade the uniform. Players and parents were asked to submit ideas and designs and after much deliberation, a set of uniforms were made and trialled at the Ballarat Basketball Tournament in 2006. The uniforms drew admiration from not only our own players, but from our opposition teams and the referees. A Trivia Night was organised to help pay for the new uniforms and they were officially introduced to all teams in January 2007.

In January 2020, 13 years later, the uniform was again updated, this time to incorporate a functional reversible element and update the logo. Players are now able to simply change the side of their playing singlet if they are playing a team with similar (clash) colours. 

The Club has grown at an amazing rate since its inception and now (2021) has 31 teams (19 boys and 12 girls), making it one of the largest clubs playing in the Diamond Valley competition. As the Club has grown, we have had some great success stories. It wasn't long before we would win premierships in both the girls and boys competitions. The Club has also produced some great players, such as Luke Deylen, who was the first player to represent Victoria in the under 16 National Championships and Kristian Williams who captained the Victorian State under 18 Boys Team. We also currently have players in the Diamond Valley Eagles in both boys and girls competitions.

We acknowledge the outstanding contributions of the following people during the Club's first years:

Terry Stephens - Junior Boys Coach, Committee Member

Jeff Lyon - Boys & Girls Coach, Club President

Trevor Lee - Senior Boys Coach

Trish Faulkner - Boys & Girls Coach, Club President

Marlena Kinvig- numerous committee jobs, including tournament organisation.

To date the club has had 7 Presidents:

Peter Trask                     1998 - 2000

Jeff Lyon                         2001 - 2004

Trish Faulkner                 2005 - 2008

Paul Riggs                       2009 - 2011

Sonia Cuthbert                2012 - 2015

Kayleen Jones                 2015 - 2019

Kevin Lemmar                 2019 - present

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